I offer one-hour private Zoom sessions for both sides of the slash.

Also happy to consult with writers, artists, and others looking for advice on BDSM in fiction.

No sexual/kinky play.

Ongoing coaching available. Let’s customize a schedule/pricing plan for you after your first call.

Book via Buy Me a Coffee.


  • A private chance to AMA as a slave, writer, educator, group facilitator, etc.
  • Get personalized tips or advice on building a scene, dynamic, or event.
  • Start putting together your own butler’s book, s-type file, service routine, or productivity system; get constructive feedback on existing ones.
  • Plan relevant projects out loud and have a place for accountability.
  • Get personalized guidance on building protocols, uniforms, slave positions, and other similar systems.
  • Skills practice/get constructive feedback in a low pressure environment.
  • Plan further education, including resource recommendations and help finding ones that work for your life and learning style.
  • Things along those lines that are useful for you.