I’m a 24/7 high protocol service slave/housewife to my wonderful Mistress and wife. I’m monogamous to her and she has my irrevocable consent. I live with her and our two adorable cats.

My main passion is writing:

  • Fiction on Archive of Our Own. I like to write fiction that focuses on diverse, complex characters, that explores things like power and morality, the meaning of consent, queer and kinky theory, mental illness, and the power of female relationships.
  • BDSM nonfiction on Service Slave Secrets (crossposted to FetLife).
  • Mental health nonfiction on The Schizophrenia Diaries, especially on the intersections of creativity and psychosis.
  • Author meta on Buy Me a Coffee. I also do commissions and create other content.
  • When ready for book form, my works are published on Amazon.

I’ve translated my love of educational BDSM writing to creating accessible, practical, service focused education and running SlaveClass; I also contribute to the local community by running Las Vegas TNG. I’m passionate about incorporating vanilla professional standards into my service and teaching, and am currently going to butler school. I’m also a landlord/property manager.

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Some Qualifications

  • Adult, Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED (American Red Cross, February 2021)
  • Cat and Dog First Aid (American Red Cross, January 2021)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training (National Health & Safety Association, March 2021)
  • Food Allergy Training (360Training, February 2021)
  • Fire Safety Training (ProTrainings, March 2021)
  • TAM (Techniques of Alcohol Management) Card (TAM Nevada, April 2021) 
  • FSM (Food Safety Manager) Card (Southern Nevada Health District, April 2021)
  • Study.com’s Hospitality & Tourism Management Training (March 2020)
  • Typsy.com’s Table Service, Housekeeping Principles, and Housekeeping Applications Courses (March 2020)
  • Full 400-Hour Private Residence Butler/Household Manager Online Course (International Institute of Modern Butlers, Currently Taking Course)